Tennis club "Marina" – prestigious sport for beginners and professionals

For a long time, tennis remained a pastime for the elite – rich and famous. Back in the 16th century, the kings of France, Spain and England were fans of this game. According to King Charles IX, tennis could be played by «peers, princes and other noble persons».

Beauty, grace, graceful movements, and the opportunity to show oneself in excellent physical shape attracted aristocrats and people from the highest strata of society. The tournaments were attended by movie stars, famous politicians and businessmen, millionaires and billionaires.

It is not surprising that individual tennis lessons in Kyiv are preferred by those who want to join a high-status, prestigious and safe sport. Our club invites everyone who loves a healthy lifestyle, comfortable relaxation and exciting emotions!

Tennis training for children and adults

The best mentors – professional teachers and big sports stars

We believe that tennis – it is a worldview that influences one’s attitude towards life. Honed movements and plasticity, an abundance of dramatic moments encourage hundreds of people to come to the courts and immerse themselves in a special atmosphere.

Guests of the club – These are not only accomplished athletes. Beginners receive the same qualified assistance, tennis training in Kyiv takes place at the highest level. It offers a team of certified trainers specializing in different areas:

  • general physical fitness;
  • sparring training;
  • tennis from scratch – classes for beginners;
  • children's groups by age;
  • intensive weight loss program;
  • professional training, preparation for tournaments.

The tennis school is headed by the fourth racket of the world – Andrey Medvedev. Among the teachers – medalists of international tournaments, winners of all-Ukrainian championships, honored coaches of Ukraine, finalists and medalists of the Olympic Games.

The accumulated experience, love for one’s work and a sincere desire to help achieve sporting peaks – qualities that turntennis with a coach into a fun, productive and positive process.

The best courts in Ukraine – for adults and children

What is the basis of any tennis club? Courts. The quality of play, performance and safety of athletes depend on their equipment. No «goodies» In the form of trendy bars, swimming pools and other entertainment, poor coverage, lighting and uncomfortable air temperatures on the court cannot be masked.

MARINA TENNIS CLUB has made sure that athletes of all ages get maximum pleasure from the game. Court Park – These are three indoor and four outdoor areas. Why are they remarkable?

  • Clay courts. The Clay Court Premium coating has optimal softness, protects ligaments and joints from injury, does not emit harmful substances, and creates a comfortable microclimate during the game.

Would you like to playtennis in Kyiv – The pricefor renting an outdoor court is quite reasonable and varies throughout the day.

  • Hard courts. GreenSet CUSHION coating is universal, non-slip. The venues are built to international standards and are suitable for hosting ATP and WTA Tour tournaments.

All conditions have been created for effective and safe play – correct placement of spotlights, temperature control, perfect cleanliness. The courts are located very conveniently, now it’s not difficult to playtennis in Kyiv – Left Bank, Obolon, Podol, Petrovka, Troeshchina, you can get there from any place quickly and without traffic jams.

Tennis – classes for adults in Kyiv

Do you want to get in good physical shape, get rid of extra pounds, relieve stress or achieve ambitious goals – win tournaments? Whatever problems you face, we will help you solve them.

The club's specialists have developed exciting tennis training for adults, where everyone can find a suitable option.

  • Split. One trainer works with two clients, paying attention to each one individually. A suitable choice for couples, lovers, inseparable friends, and anyone who wants to save a little money and get professional training.
  • Group classes. A nice bonus awaits you – free rackets and balls! Tennis for beginner adults, Tennis Friends – groups is a great way to recharge your batteries and have a lot of fun while playing sports.
  • Individual sessions. Prefer to be completely immersed in the game? An experienced teacher will share professional secrets with you, help you practice complex techniques, and gain confidence before the upcoming tournament.

You will receive your first lesson at half the cost – a good reason to try your hand at tennis!

Children's tennis – open new horizons

Tennis in Kyiv for children – It's not just about excellent physical fitness. By working with a qualified trainer, a child gains skills that will be useful to him in adulthood. Quick reaction, ability to remain calm in a difficult situation, showing respect, tactful behavior, correct manners – These are just a few of the benefits of playing tennis.

  • Training from 3 years. Groups of 3-6 children are arranged according to age, ranging from the youngest to 8 years old. To every child – individual approach, basic techniques are mastered along with general physical training.
  • Training from 9 to 16 years old. Practicing all the strikes, in-depth study of the rules, preparing for children's tournaments.

The first group classes are free – you can determine whether tennis is suitable for your child without unnecessary risks.

  • Top tennis from 9 to 18 years old. The training is aimed at special preparation for all-Ukrainian and international competitions.  Professional tennis for children – This is the right opportunity to make dreams come true, acquire a prestigious profession and develop leadership qualities.

Join the large and friendly family of MARINA TENNIS CLUB – improve your health, win, make new friends and have fun. Play a game fit for kings.

Professional tennis in Kyiv