In classes at MARINA TENNIS CLUB, even the youngest athletes are taught to control themselves and follow the unwritten rules of tennis. This Olympic sport requires enormous endurance, nerves of steel and attention to detail. But professional tennis players and stars of the most famous tournaments cannot always control themselves and control their own emotions.

Club «Marina» - tennis for those who want to learn self-control

tennis for those who want to learn self-control

In any area of business, the one who is able to calmly withstand the blows of a competitor and calculate the strategy several steps ahead always wins. These are the qualities that all tennis players who take their practice seriously develop. Club "Marina" (Kyiv) offers an excellent opportunity to attend training sessions where professional mentors will share their own secrets and complex playing techniques.

For young athletes (from four years old) there are special training sessions where they will teach the basics of tennis and tell the history of this amazing game, which was adored by kings and court nobles. Teenagers will be interested in immersing themselves in the world of sports and finding a new hobby, and perhaps taking the first step in a professional tennis career.

In tournament competition, players sometimes lose their nerve, and they provoke conflicts right on the court. Even the Wimbledon tournament did not escape such scandals. Moreover, the reasons for harsh statements can be quite funny.

Sports shorts "King of the soil"

According to Wikipedia, tennis fans awarded this title to the famous Spaniard Rafael Nadal. He managed to become the winner of the French Open twelve times. He always showed his best results on clay courts. But Nadal entered the history of tennis scandals thanks to his manner of constantly adjusting his shorts. He did this before every exciting play.

In 2007, at the Wimbledon tournament, Nadal received a strong opponent – Swedish tennis player Robin Soderling. The game was spectacular and very stubborn; not a single athlete was able to achieve a clear advantage. Söderling once again fought back and said that he wanted to change his racket. Tired players sometimes use this technique to give themselves a few minutes of respite. The Spanish athlete figured out the enemy's trick and responded by demanding a replacement ball. Cederling lost his temper and began to imitate his opponent's habit of constantly adjusting his shorts. The audience waited with bated breath to see how the tough confrontation between the tennis players would end. Nadal won, but in the eyes of the fans these two remained irreconcilable enemies for life.

Stolen towel

Something as small as a towel can also become a serious cause for scandal in the world of tennis. At one of the Wimbledon tournaments, US Olympic champion Jack Sock, having defeated the Chilean in the first round match, gave one of the fans his towel. A valuable trophy for tennis fans went to a teenager who watched the game with interest. Sock left the court in a great mood, but his gift provoked a scandal. After some time, a video appeared on the Internet, which clearly shows how the gifted souvenir is taken away from a young fan. And this is done by an adult man in a hat and blue shirt.

Stolen towel

Juice was extremely outraged by the rudeness of the adult spectator and began to look for the boy from whom the idol’s gift was so unfairly taken away. The tennis player said on one of his social networks that he was ready to give something more valuable to compensate the boy for his loss. Thanks to a popular video, the young fan was found. He turned out to be Irish and received an invitation from Sock's agents to the next games as compensation.

Conflict with judges

Players' intemperance often leads to serious consequences. Tennis Club "Marina"  encourages its guests to control strong emotions, although even famous tennis stars do not always cope with this task. In 1981, the organizers of the Wimbledon tournament, for the first time in its history, broke the tradition of granting the winner membership in the most elite tennis club. The story involved John McEnroe making rude comments to the referee during a game and as a result comparing the referee team to a flock of sheep. It is interesting that in the end the American tennis player won the tournament and, as tradition dictates, received an invitation to an official event (dinner in honor of the winners). But the athlete again could not restrain himself and rudely refused the invitation, paying hefty fines. For inappropriate behavior, McEnroe was disqualified from being considered a member of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.