Tennis club «Marina» – sports and entertainment in one place

In modern cities you can find hundreds of ways to relax and unwind after a busy week. Recently, active types of recreation have become very popular – tourism, fitness, outdoor games, yachting, cycling and much more. Everyone can find an activity to their liking to gain strength and recharge their batteries.

Why do many people decide to have a family leisure in Kyiv on the tennis courts? In this article we will look at the benefits of tennis as a suitable recreation option for all family members.

Games on tennis courts – what's useful?

Everyone knows that playing sports improves physical and emotional health. But some types of physical activity can be harmful, especially if you do it irregularly, without professional help from a trainer. Injuries, muscle congestion, and a feeling of overwork do not fit into the concept of «rest».

Tennis is the safest sport and fun at the same time, so it is best suited for family pastime.

  • The players do not have direct contact with each other, the risk of injury is minimized.
  • During classes, all muscle groups are evenly worked out; one game replaces several exercise machines.
  • Blood circulation improves, the heart muscle strengthens, and the body is actively saturated with oxygen.
  • The immune system is strengthened, brain activity is trained – Reaction, concentration, and ability to make quick decisions improve.
  • When playing, a person receives a lot of positive emotions, which has a positive effect on the psychological state, the ability to cope with stress and anxiety.
Sports entertainment in Kyiv

Tennis – entertainment for children

The club has many opportunities for your child to have a lot of fun on the court. Experienced trainers who have undergone special training are at the service of young athletes. The teachers understand child psychology and will definitely find an approach to your son or daughter.

Training takes place in the form of an entertaining and fun game, children become heroes of fairy tales and go on an exciting journey through the world of tennis. The kids learn to communicate, help each other, no one wants to leave the court – they get so much joy and pleasure!

After classes, as a rule, children's appetite wakes up. A pleasant continuation of leisurewill be a visit to a cafe. The menu has many delicious and healthy dishes and drinks that your child will definitely like. The cozy atmosphere and modern design of the establishment will help you spend quality time with your family.

Sports entertainment in Kyiv on the tennis courts – This is a worthy alternative to passive relaxation; your children will grow up healthy, cheerful and learn to cope with life's difficulties.

Tennis – entertainment for adults

What can parents do while their children are studying? The answer suggests itself – play tennis too! Even if moms and dads have no experience, this is a great opportunity to try their hand and get acquainted with the game.

Beginners have special groups where they can learn basic playing techniques, basic strokes and learn little tricks from experienced coaches. There is a positive, light atmosphere in the classes, you are guaranteed to receive pleasant emotions, and the delight of small and big victories will help you forget about worries and problems.

Tennis – It's not just a sport, you'll make new friends and look forward to the weekend to come to your favorite club!

For athletes with experience and far-reaching ambitions – professional teachers who will help you achieve your goals and win. Kyiv Tennis School named after Andrei Medvedev – a striking example of a combination of professionalism, unique techniques and a sincere desire to achieve sports success together with the student.

An excellent leisure option would be paired activities on the court – Instead of discussing family problems, you will enjoy each other's company, laugh heartily, and get rid of extra pounds. All the negativity and fatigue from everyday work will disappear as if by hand!

Leisure in Kyiv sports and entertainment

Proper family vacation at the tennis club «Marina»

Find a variety of entertainment in Kyiv It’s not difficult, the industry offers a lot of ways to have fun. But how can you make your vacation useful, meaningful and positive for all family members at the same time? MARINA TENNIS CLUB combines all the criteria for active recreation – safety, bright emotions, health improvement and pleasant communication.

  • Court rentals on weekdays and weekends, affordable prices. Play at your own time, alone, with friends, or organize a family tournament. Advantageous offers taking care of the family budget.

A large park of indoor and outdoor courts, a comfortable surface for beginners and professionals. The club is kept perfectly clean – you will be able to safely spend time on the premises and use the services.

  • Fitness room with modern cardio equipment. An excellent alternative if you want to pump up a specific muscle group, lose weight and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Massage room services, manual therapy. Relaxing and therapeutic massage, recovery from injuries and heavy training.

  • Table tennis. Diversify family entertainment, play with your children or just watch an exciting game with no less thrilling moments than in tennis!

Nail salon – high-quality care for your nails and hands, you can quickly get yourself in order.

  • Gift certificates. A great option for a useful gift for a friend or loved one. Open your child to the world of tennis, who knows, maybe you have a future champion in front of you?

Time spent on the court can be the starting point for fundamental changes in life. Playing tennis develops useful qualities and skills – purposefulness, patience, correct attitude towards difficulties.

Enjoy an active holiday and improve your health with the whole family in Kyiv, Ukraine!