Tennis School of Andrei Medvedev in Kiev

The Marina Tennis Club coaching team is headed by Andrey Medvedev - a famous tennis player and Honorary President of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation. Trainings are available with masters of sports who know how to teach the basics and develop skills from a scratch. It is also possible to train with groups of friends by renting a court for a specific time. The Ukrainian Tennis Academy can become a meeting place for business partners and old acquaintances. It is convenient to study here at any time (from eight in the morning to ten in the evening). Moreover, all conditions have been created for comfort and development. Tennis for adults is an opportunity to keep yourself in good shape and reach new levels of skill. Physical activity, which is typical for an athlete on the court, allows you to lose weight without dieting and exhausting workouts. Each lesson will be interesting, effective and motivating.

Теннисная Школа Медведева Андрея в Киеве

Classes at the tennis academy:

As part of the group lessons, participants receive a free opportunity to use balls and rackets. The school has also developed special programs for those who plan to improve their skills. As a result of the training, the athlete will be taught all tennis strokes, he will be able to work out the technique in sparring, take part in tournament competitions. The cost of training depends on several factors: the qualifications of the coach, the type of court, time, etc.

Tennis for children and teenagers with the best coaches

In adolescence, it can be difficult for a child to find an interesting and useful hobby. As a result, many children are going through a transitional period with problems that worry parents and educators. Moreover, physical development, success, motivation and dedication at this age take part as one of the leading roles. A teenager who adheres to the training regime and clearly knows the weekly schedule is easier to experience the stress of studying and communicating with peers. A significant plus is the correct physical activity that contributes to the formation of an adult shape in boys and girls. A professional coach will find an individual approach to each child, will be able to choose the right motivation, talk interesting about tennis and teach strikes. In the future, there is a healthy passion, rivalry which contributes to the disclosure of talented youth.

Features of classes at the Ukrainian Medvedev Academy in Kiev:​

Each lesson is taught by a certified trainer who is well versed in teaching methods for children and is personally selected by Andrey Medvedev. The Kiev Tennis School has developed two training programs:

The first one is aimed at general physical development, awakening interest in tennis, learning the rules and subtleties of the game and strikes.

The second one is supplemented with special blocks of physical training, which allow developing the abilities and preparing a professional tennis player. Each visit to the tennis academy will be a source of inspiration, cheerfulness and good mood.

Playing tennis is a guarantee of harmonious development, excellent physical shape and longevity. Beginning athletes of any age and level of training come to the court. Marina Tennis Club's professional coaches guarantee comfortable and effective training, a friendly atmosphere and excellent preparation for the competition. Additional services of the sports complex allow parents and guests to spend time with benefit and pleasure. Kiev Tennis Academy works with all anti-epidemic requirements. It is interesting, safe and comfortable here.

Теннисная Академия Андрея Медведева Украина

Rent of equipped courts

Unfortunately, Kiev cannot boast of having a large number of first-class tennis courts on which professionals can train. But there is one exception - this is a tennis school in the village of Pogreby. It is easy and quick to get here. There is a guarded spacious parking lot. The quality of the coatings is evidenced by the fact that one of the stages of the international Davis Cup 2021 was held here. A large-scale competition are held here during which national teams from different countries meet. And anyone can play on these courts, just order a rental on weekdays or weekends. Indoor courts are relevant in the cold season, as they allow you to play in a comfortable environment and in good lighting. During the construction a special shock-absorbing coating was used which allows you to protect the joints and reduce the load on the knees. For training, the most comfortable temperature regime is provided. Professional sports equipment can be rented. The Academy also provides the opportunity to use the service of correct string tension on the racket. The appropriate equipment was purchased and installed for this.

Gift certificates

Tennis School of Andrei Medvedevprovides an opportunity to surprise a friend or provide a nice gift to a relative. To do this you just need to choose and purchase one of the gift certificates that allow you to visit the sports center and spend time with some benefits.

There are three types of services:

Many people dream to try themselves in tennis. To realize it you need courage and desire. But now there is a chance to just spend time on the court, get professional advice or just spend a class with some benefits. The Tennis Academy and its coaches are waiting for new students and experienced athletes. Sports complex MARINA in Kiev guarantees comfortable conditions for training, high-quality training and a friendly environment. These tennis courts are recognized as the best in Ukraine.