We offer group fitness trainings in various directions and general physical training for beginners and experienced tennis players. If you value professionalism and want to get swifter, stronger endurance, as well as recover from injuries or get in shape or prepare for a competition - we can help you achieve these goals.

Programs are led by:


ALEXEY KASYANOV - Honored Master of Sports (athletics decathlon), three-time medalist of the World Championships, participant of the Olympic Games, professional athlete. Head Coach of Fitness and General Fitness (GP) at Marina Tennis Club. Professional rehabilitation therapist. Higher education: physical education, psychology, occupational therapy. English-speaking!


ANNA KASYANOVA - Honored Master of Sports, World Champion. For sporting merits she was awarded with the Order of Princess Olga. Person of the Year 2013 and Sportswoman of the Year in Ukraine. Participant and finalist of 3 Olympiads, medalist of the European Championship and 3-time winner of the European Team Championship, multiple champion of Ukraine. Since 2015 she has been working with professional athletes, took part in their preparation for the Olympic Games and World Championships. English-speaking!


Personal training 1000 UAH
Split training (1 coach and 2 clients) 1500 UAH
Group trainings discussed

Trainings take place in the gym or on a specially equipped green lawn (at the request of clients).