Well-groomed hands and feet − an important component of the female and male image. You can sign up for a manicure and pedicure at our Marina Tennis Club. The club is located in the village of Pogreby, 3 km from Kyiv. Near. winter Troyeschyna district of Kyiv is nearby. Experienced nail masters work in the beauty salon, who know how to carry out all manipulations correctly, qualitatively and quickly. Everything you need − choose a convenient time for a visit to the beauty studio. The price of a manicure and pedicure depends on its type and features.

Manicure services

Manicure is care for the skin of the hands and nails. In the process of its implementation, our specialists remove the old coating, perform a massage, organize hygienic baths, treat the nail plate, remove the cuticle, apply new varnish, etc. It is also possible to build up, create a unique design using professional materials.

The main methods are as follows:

  • Cropped manicure. It involves pre-soaking the hands in baths with oils and other cosmetic compositions. The main tool − scissors and tweezers, which are used to remove the cuticle, treat the nail ridges.
  • Hardware manicure. It is an atraumatic procedure, which is especially important for people with capillaries located close to the surface of the skin. Processing is carried out using special rotating cutters.
  • European. Its feature is the preservation of the cuticle. It is simply pushed aside with a special orange stick. Dusting of the nail plate is minimal, aimed at correcting the shape. Such a manicure is best suited to owners of well-groomed hands.

Our masters are perfectly versed in all the listed and other techniques.

Pedicure services

Pedicure − a set of procedures aimed at the care of the skin of the feet and nails. When it is carried out, the same techniques are used, as during a manicure. If there are deep cracks on the heels, calluses are observed, the specialist will recommend not just baths with emollients, but a more intensive effect (acidic pedicure).

In addition to removing dead skin, shaping the nail plates and coating, nail specialists can provide related services. It is about solving the problem of ingrown nails, removing calluses, etc.

Manicure and pedicure masters use only professional tools that undergo proper processing. Sterility, customer care, comprehensive hand and foot care, creating a good mood − principles of operation of the beauty salon in the Marina Tennis Club. Come and see us, you will love it.


Manicure Price
- Manicure (hygienic, combi) 350 UAH
Hardware 400 UAH
Coating gel varnish 300 UAH
Normal varnish 100 UAH
Uncovering 100 UAH
Strengthening nails with gel 100 UAH
Pedicure 400 UAH
Eyebrow coloring 150 UAH
Eyebrow correction 150 UAH