Ludmila  is our massage therapist

Fluent in: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish¸ English


Types of massages and prices:


Classic massage 60 minutes 90 minutes

Full body massage. General or separate zones. It can be both relaxing and invigorating.

1800 UAH

53800 UAH

 107200 UAH

11000 UAH

54800 UAH

 109200 UAH


Lymphatic Drainage and Anti-Cellulite Massage

60 minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage with an anti-cellulite effect. For men, this type of massage is performed only as a lymphatic drainage massage. Amongs advantages there are elimination of toxins, improvement of blood circulation, strengthening of immune system.

11000 UAH

54800 UAH

 109000 UAH

1210000 UAH


Japanese massage Kobido

90 minutes

Technique for working with the face and body using the active body points. Rejuvenating effect, tightening the muscles and skin of the face, lymphatic drainage, peeling and improving  the skin and face muscles.

11500 UAH

 1014000 UAH


Back and neck massage

40 minutes

Back massage with an emphasis on the neck-collar area or areas that need correction.

1700 UAH

31800 UAH

 52800 UAH

Massage AROMA TOUCH 60 minutes

Light relaxing back and feet massage using aroma oils. Effective in the process of rehabilitation, after stress and severe fatigue.

1800 UAH

32200 UAH

 53500 UAH

106600 UAH


Myofascial Release Massage

90 minutes

Deep elaboration of muscles, ligaments and joints. Removal of pain syndromes, inflammation, rehabilitation after heavy physical exertion and injuries. Reducing the manifestations of the effects of inflammatory processes in soft tissues, tendons and the spine.

11300 UAH

56200 UAH

 1012000 UAH

1214000 UAH

BALI Massage  90 minutes

Deep point elaboration on muscles, ligaments and joints. Particular attention is paid to the legs muscles. Relaxation of spasmodic muscles, removal of the effects of inflammatory processes. Revitalizing psychoemotional effect. Recommended for increased stress on the legs and lumbar.

11300 UAH

5 6200 UAH

 1012000 UAH

1214000 UAH


Legs and feet massage 30 minutes 50 minutes

Elaborating on the lower legs and feet. Activates vital processes in the body.

1500 UAH

31400 UAH

 52200 UAH

1700. UAH

32000 UAH

 53200  UAH


Sculpting face massage 45 minutes

Deep elaboration on face muscles, head and neck. Relief of spasm of the muscles of the face and neck. Refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

1700 UAH

53400 UAH

 106600 UAH