Manual therapist

Elimination of pain in the spine


Sergey Martunyk is a professional massage therapist and rehabilitation therapist from Kiev. We have a manual therapist with 30 years of vast work experience. 


Appointment 45 min 1200 UAH

He works on the "Rain Correction" technique. We invite adults and children to the appointment. For children, special attention is paid to the correction of scoleosis. Sergey helps to eliminate pain in the spine (all parts), he works with the most difficult cervical region. He uses a warming massage and gentle manual techniques. Additionally, he uses singing bowls and wooden sticks to relieve stress.

At the first appointment, you are provided with consultation, muscle testing, spine testing and massage. To eliminate back pain and complete rehabilitation, a course of 8-15 procedures is required. It is advisable to have an MRI of the problem area on you.

The massage therapist also professionally performs visceral massage (manual therapy of the abdomen). It is mandatory to have an ultrasound of the visceral zone on you!

The day of the massage therapist is almost full - make an appointment!

Individual approach to each client.

The most comfortable VIP class massage tables for people of any height and weight.