At the moment, two rehabilitation therapists are working at the Club.


Sergey Berezan - rehabilitologist, occupational therapist, sports instructor. Rehabilitologist of the Federation Strongman of Ukraine. Coach and organizer of the "Bogatyrskiy Turnir" competition. Participated in the projects "Bogatir rock", "Igri Nesrorenikh", "Gorgan trophi", "Ovruch trophi", "Help extreme", "Reabilitation center for ATO participants". He worked as a rehabilitation therapist at the Kiev military hospital (department of neurosurgery). He studied at the Estonian Defense Academy, taught at the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy "Tactical Medicine" and "Domestic Aid".



Sergey's programs​

Program 1 Price

General strengthening massage (45 minutes)​

General strengthening massage, spine correction. The specialist carries out work from the cervical-collar zone to the lumbosacral region. Practices of manual massage, myofascial apparatus vibration massage, traction practices, light manual practices (if necessary) are used. Stimulation of the lower limb and buttock areas. The goal is rehabilitation, relaxation or tone.


Program 2 Price

Rehabilitation + massage (70 minutes)

30 minutes lesson in the hall + 40 minutes full restorative massage.​

Restoration of lost / temporarily lost functions of the musculoskeletal system as a result of sports or other injuries, various diseases. The methods with usage of block trainers and trainers with free weights, TRX, resistance bands and various devices for influencing muscles or joints at different angles. Cardiovascular equipment, traction practices and body weight work, breathing exercises, super dynamic and isometric loads are used, depending on the needs of the client and the recommendations of a specialist.





Zhyrnyy Vladislav Olegovich - Sports massage therapist, rehabilitation therapist, certified specialist in the field of rehabilitation of professional athletes. At the club weekly on Thursdays - book the appointment in advance!


Vlad's programs​

Programs Price*

Complex №1 (60 minutes)

Performs physiotherapy procedures that will help: relieve muscle tension, get rid of cramps, tone muscles, increase muscle endurance before competitions. Elimination of heaviness in the legs, relief of all types of localized pain, relief of persistent pain in tendinitis, rehabilitation after injuries. Full restorative massage.



Complex №2 (100 minutes)

Full restorative massage + physiotherapy. Uses Theragun G4 Pro - The most powerful pistol in the world. Professional level percussion therapy. The depth of impact on muscle tissue can be up to 16mm. The speed is 40 beats per second. This speed prevents the muscles from adapting to the stimulation, which leads to rapid muscle tissue repair. Uses Compex - electrical muscle stimulation using electrical impulses. You have tto wear the ReBoots Recovery Lymphatic Drainage Pants.



Lymphatic drainage pants (50 minutes)

ReBoots Recovery pants are a variable, dosed pneumatic compression system.
An innovative development of German specialists, which allows to carry out pressotherapy of extremities by creating controlled painless tissue deformations during sliding massage movements. This effect allows you to improve lymph outflow, venous outflow, increase blood supply and metabolism in the skin, muscles, ligaments, joints. The reflex effect through the receptors of all tissues has a positive effect on the state of the nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and other systems of the body, which leads to a faster and more complete recovery after physical exertion.



* The price is lower for athletes from the "Top Tennis" groups. More about groups here