In our complex there is a cardio area for independent training of clients and for general physical training of tennis players.

Anyone can purchase a training package or just a single visit.


By cardio training, we mean physical activity in which there is a large consumption of oxygen by the body and significant burning of fat. For example, while your child is practicing tennis, you can have a great time and workout. There is a stunning view of the tennis courts from the hall.


Why is it worth visiting a cardio gym regularly?

During this physical activity, a person trains his most important muscle - the heart! Thus, training increases its endurance, stabilizes the rhythm and prevents from cardiovascular diseases.


It should be noted that cardio workout is a must-have for those who dream of losing weight!

In addition to all of the above, this type of load works out the respiratory system and increases the overall tone of the body! At Marina Tennis Club you have the chance to improve your physical and emotional well-being!


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