Personal meeting with Andrey Medvedev

Can't you assess the skills of your child yourself? You do not understand if he has opportunities and inclinations to become the best? You have to look for a reputable coach who has accomplished a lot himself; who knows everything about the tennis world and its pitfalls; who can easily teach your child and give him a chance to become the first and the best! We give you a unique opportunity - to acquire advice from the professional - Andrey Medvedev (the winner of 11 ATP tournaments, the finalist of the 1999 French Open Championship, Honorary President of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation, Captain of the Ukrainian national team in the Davis Cup).


The path to Wimbledon and Roland Garros begins with trainings at the Marina Tennis Club! We are looking for a talent and we are openly claiming about it. As the most titled tennis player of Ukraine and the head coach of the club, Andrey Medvedev, says: "Our future goal is to become the country's Olympic reserve." Perhaps, is this your child?


Consultation is available for young and experienced tennis players

Contact Andrey Medvedev, a tennis proffesional who leads the Ukrainian National Team and knows a lot about marvelous players! We offer a private meeting and conversation with a coach.

Procedure of the meeting

After 30-45 minute play, the level and preparation of the child is assessed. Training consultation is given and errors are indicated. And most importantly, if your child is promising, we will offer alluring and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Andrey Medvedev's goal is to light up a new star of Ukrainian tennis! Perhaps this is your child! Give him the chance!


45 minute training + 15 minute conversation with parents 4000 UAH



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You get everything
The best coach
The best courts
Individual approach
Full range of services (tennis training, general physical training, yoga, stretching, English, massage, healthy nutrition and nutritionist)