Professional groups of Andrii Medvedev

Professional groups for children who have chosen a career as a tennis player. Groups 12-14 years old and groups older than 14 years old. Students are provided with the constant attention of our best coaches. The program includes detailed work on hitting technique, high-precision work with a special physical training coach. Special attention is paid to the development of the athlete's personality and leadership qualities. Everything you need to win at the international level is provided.

Coach Andriy Medvedev
Groups 12-14 and 15+

PRO Tennis Prices (UAH)
From 3 hours a day / Mon-Fri 65,000 UAH
Up to 2 hours per day / MON-FRI 45,000 UAH


  • Training is conducted personally by Andrey Olegovich Medvedev
  • about 50 hours of tennis per month (courts included in the price)
  • Cardio zone and gym (included in the price)
  • Yoga, stretching, physical therapy, nutritionist, massage (extra charge)
  • The child is in the club from morning to evening
  • 5 days a week (Sat and Sun off)
  • Cost from UAH 45,000 to UAH 65,000 per month


You get everything:
The best coach
The best courts
Individual approach
Full range of services (tennis training, PE, Yoga, Stretching, English language, Massage, Nutrition, Nutritionist)


Individual training with Andrii Medvedev is also possible. Only for professional athletes. The cost of training is negotiable