Getting into U.S. universities through tennis

Do you want your child to get an education in the United States? Then tennis is the key to getting a huge tuition discount.  

Our program is offered for those kids who want to get into a college or university in the United States of America with the help of tennis.

University tennis in the United States is a tremendous opportunity to
opportunity to earn a college degree abroad without losing your tennis skills.

A good athlete can always get an education - FOR FREE!

Scholarship programs in the U.S. provide this. Basic prerequisite: taking part in intercollegiate competitions. 


Why apply through the MARINA TENNIS CLUB? 

  1. If you choose to apply through us, we will offer you the most prestigious universities in America, with discounts of up to 100% on tuition.
  2. We will bring your child in just a few months to the necessary level of tennis for admission to the best universities in the USA.
  3. WE SAVE YOU MONEY! We don't just help you get in, we get maximum discounts on your child's tuition! Our players get into the best universities in AMERICA for FREE or with the biggest DISCOUNTS!
  4. We offer you a wide variety of universities to choose from! You choose where you want to go!
  5. You don't have to worry about anything, the admission is handled by professionals who are doing it for the first time. WE GUARANTEE YOU A 100% STUDY IN THE UNITED STATES!


Two ways to get in touch with us



you don't have to do anything - we have experts who handle the admissions process.

 We take care of all paperwork, make appointments for exams, make a clear plan, video for university/college admissions, apply for admission, help you in choosing a university, help and answers all your questions all the way to admission and recommendations from our best admission coaches.



Recommendation sheet from our coaches, shooting a video for the uni/college, applying from us.



If you get even the MINIMUM discount from the university - you will save about $ 30000 !


Our student: Maria Dolzhenko 2005 
GETTING into TOP 8 universities in America this year! University of California, Los Angeles. Her tuition is COMPLETELY FREE.

Masha's Story: 
Maria first picked up a racket at the age of 9 and that's where her tennis history began. 
At 16, Maria began training at the MARINA TENNIS CLUB and immediately set a goal of going to America. She practiced five times a week for two hours a day and participated in club and international tournaments. She was studying for exams, exam preparation took all her free time and in half a year she was ready to take the test. 
Masha has been working hard to be noticed by one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., they were impressed with Maria's potential and without thinking twice took her on full funding at the University of California, Los Angeles. This May, she is entering the university of her dreams!

Comment from Maria:
Thank you MARINA TENNIS CLUB for the opportunity to make my dreams come true! This May I will be studying at the university of my dreams!