Club actions


When paying for a subscription for 10 individual training sessions, 11 training sessions are given as a gift! The promotion applies to individual and split training. Paid classes must be used within a month.


We offer your child a unique opportunity to try themselves at our trainings absolutely free of charge. Call right now and get one trial lesson in a children's tennis group with experienced coaches.

Our advantages

Quality courts

Our courts are covered with the most modern and non-traumatic Green Set Cushion covering. Lighting, runs, and ceiling heights are to the highest professional standards. And also, what is especially important is always a comfortable air temperature. In 2021, DAVIS CUP chose our courts to host the tournament. The Ukrainian team won.

The first training is free!

There are groups for children from 3 years old and adults. The first training for children is always free. At all subsequent training sessions, rackets, balls, and equipment are free!


Our club is perfectly clean! We use only hypoallergenic fragrances, ecological detergents and BIO bactericides.


Only certified trainers and high-class athletes work in our club. The tennis team is headed by Andrii Medvedev, who was ranked fourth in the world in the past. Kasyanova's wife's world and European athletics all-around champions are responsible for general physical training.

Beauty and recovery

Only our sports club has a professionally equipped massage room and manicure salon. A team of experienced rehabilitators and massage therapists will help restore vigor for new sports achievements. And the masters of manicure and cosmetology will give you confidence before working days.

Question answer

It is very easy to reach us. We are located outside Kyiv, immediately behind the Troyeshchyna housing estate at the entrance to the village of Pogreby, 42A Maidanivska Street. It is only 3 km from Kyiv.

Of course. In our club you can buy a gift certificate for any club services. And even individual training with Andrii Medvedev, the best professional player in the history of Ukraine. Also, you do not have to come to us to buy a certificate, you can pay by card and we will send you a certificate by mail.

Yes, we have a great selection of rental equipment. New head rackets and full of basket balls. Rent - UAH 100/hour.

In order for classes to be as effective as possible, we guarantee that there will be no more than 6 students per trainer in children's groups.

Our BABY TENNIS direction is for children from 3 years old. These tennis classes are aimed at general physical development (coordination, running, jumping). Mastering the basic tennis rules. Duration 60 min. Children learn in a playful atmosphere.

So. We have many groups for adults that train once or twice a week. In adult groups, no more than 4 people on one court, groups are divided according to the level of players.

We have a cardio room equipped with treadmills and exercise bikes. We are also happy to invite you to join fitness groups conducted by our professional physical training trainers. Combined with tennis, this is the best way to get in shape without unnecessary injuries.

Delicious coffee with dessert, masseur and manicurist services, and, of course, a good mood from our friendly team! There is a car wash nearby.
Marina Tennis Club

Tennis club for amateurs and professionals

Tennis – A unique type of sport that involves almost all muscle groups and creates a positive impact on the human body. Energy consumption is colossal!

"Play tennis and lose weight fast!" - recommended by nutritionists.

"If you want to develop your child's intelligence, logic, analytical thinking, dexterity, introspection, endurance - enroll him in Tennis!" - psychologists and teachers advise.

Not everyone has played tennis before, but wants to try it and understand the benefits. For help, you should contact the tennis club "Marina Tennis Club".

Where to play big tennis - sports entertainment in Kyiv for the family

Our tennis club is located only three kilometers from Kyiv. Exact location – Pogreby village, Kyiv region, Maidanivska 42A.

"Family, Tennis, Sports – this is us!", - our motto!

We have created all the conditions to enjoy this sport, learn new things or help your child choose a good physical activity. Tennis is the best sports entertainment in Kyiv - a great leisure sport for adults, for children - for the whole family! Now major tennis is closer to Kyiv than it seems. There are no problems to get there from Troeshchyna, Obolon, Podol, Lisovoy, Petrivka and Livoberezhna.

6 hard courts and 4 ground courts are available for use. In addition, individual classes are provided for children who want to become real stars. A special academy was created, which accepts children aged 3 and over.

Classes are held in accordance with world standards and technologies. This is not just a big tennis match in Kyiv in Troeshchyna, but a real opportunity to gain new knowledge. Play with the tennis stars! Most classes are conducted by professional athletes with a world name. They are guaranteed to teach something new, give advice and recommendations, talk about the prospects of classes and further development conditions.

Andriy Medvedev Tennis School

On an ongoing basis, there is recruitment for children's groups from big tennis. We teach great tennis to children from 3 to 18 years old. The "Andriy Medvedev Tennis School" is open in our club.

There is a clear gradation of children's groups not only by age, but also by level of training.

There are groups for beginners, for amateurs and for professionals.

Training for children is conducted in an exciting way - it is worth trying only once and the child will not be able to stop afterwards. It is so important that sports bring not only good physical shape, but also a great mood.

The children look good, communicate well with each other, and look forward to every training session. And after fruitful work on the court, a delicious treat is always waiting for them in the cafe. Our tennis academy is designed for children of any age.

What are the benefits of tennis for adults?

At first, big tennis in Kyiv was considered an aristocratic sport. Not everyone could build a playground near the house and play sports. It is good that tennis courts have appeared in Kyiv from the Marina Tennis Club, where you can rent a court for a comfortable time.

We always have open recruitment for adult tennis groups. There are packages for 4 and 8 classes per week. In adult groups up to 4 people and affordable prices.


Regular tennis lessons – this is a big plus for the body. You should not neglect another session of physical therapy, because the benefits are enormous:

  • endurance, dexterity and movement coordination training;
  • reaction development;
  • strengthening of the muscular corset;
  • improvement and strengthening of the immune system;
  • removal of psychological and physical tension;
  • hardening the will and forming the character of the winner.

The tactical knowledge of the players is also revealed, because it is necessary to read the opponent, analyze his movements and try to predict actions.

The benefits of tennis for children

The earlier you send children to tennis, the better, but there is a minimum age for starting lessons. – 3 years. It is from this age that regular classes will help develop coordination, dexterity and many other abilities that have not been fully formed. MARINA TENNIS CLUB does not recommend limiting a child to only one tennis. A combination of tennis with physical education, juggling, chess, mathematics or English will be very effective. For children three to five years old, only 2-3 lessons a week are enough. After the age of seven, you can increase the load, forming 4 classes per week.

Basic services of MARINA TENNIS CLUB

Tennis courts are always available to everyone. We offer:

  • 6 tennis courts with a hard surface in a capital structure with ventilation and heating
  • 4 clay tennis courts with lighting

Rent of tennis courts- always available for amateurs and professionals. The rental of clay and hard courts is calculated hourly, but it is possible to order for several days, if tournaments or various competitions in one or another format are organized.


Additional services are formed by the following list:

  • help of experienced coaches (group and individual training, sparring, split);
  • PE, cardio training, yoga;
  • tennis equipment rental (many free for customers);
  • sale of balls, equipment, clothes for tennis players;
  • tension of tennis rackets on a professional Head machine
  • all types of massage, rehabilitator;
  • cosmetic services, manicure, pedicure;
  • cafe with Bio products.

Famous trainers will organize sparring, tell the secrets of mastery and give some recommendations for further training. Those who wish can do fitness in the TRX hall or attend group yoga or tennis classes.

After tennis, English language courses are prepared for children, adults and students. There is an opportunity to prepare for admission to Ukrainian or foreign universities, as well as to remember the basics of one or another science.

The best courts in Kyiv and Ukraine are Marina Tennis Club!

The club does everything to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Comfortable changing rooms and shower cabins (in the changing rooms even the floor is heated). Only Eco cleaning products are used in our sports complex.

You can leave the child for the whole day, in any case, he will be under the constant supervision of educators and trainers. The MARINA TENNIS CLUB Academy was created in accordance with international standards for holding world tournaments (ceiling height over 11 meters) and European construction quality standards. A perfectly flat surface has been prepared and a universal coating has been selected – hard or soil, perfectly thought out lighting. Even experienced athletes from the Ukrainian tennis team appreciated the quality of the court covering and the thoughtfulness of every detail.

Your children can learn to play great tennis professionally and thanks to this, they can easily enter the most elite universities in the USA or Europe! Experienced trainers help with this. Special individual cards are created for all children, where relevant achievements and skills are recorded.

We regularly hold competitions for children and adults. We have tournaments for beginners and players, as well as children's tournaments of different ages. The best athletes of the CIS and other countries train on the courts and visit our club.

We are united by Tennis! A dream gives birth to stars! And everyone can become this star from an early age. You just have to want it!

Tennis unites all nations and peoples - it is dear and loved by all sports in Ukraine and Europe.

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