Tennis in Kyiv, as in any big city, attracts hundreds of people to the courts. This is a sport for which not only the rental of tennis rackets and the rental of a tennis court are important, but also the restraint of the players. Beginning tennis players at MARINA TENNIS CLUB are always taught to control their own emotions and follow unwritten and official rules of etiquette.

Ball in play

Ball in play

Most of the rules involve tennis balls. Tennis (Kyiv), the price of which is affordable for almost every athlete, requires knowledge of the basic rules regarding the ball. Any spectator who has at least once watched a tennis tournament has noticed that the balls are removed from the field by court staff, who are called ball boys. Mandatory condition for players: a new serve can be started only after the lost ball is removed from the court. Strict adherence to this norm is dictated not only by ethical considerations, but also by the safety of the players. Anyone who breaks this rule shows disrespect for the staff and the opponent.

During an amateur game, the rental of a court, the price of which can be divided between two participants, also involves the rental or purchase of a basket of balls. It is accepted that this service is paid for by the person who initiated the meeting. If, due to a misunderstanding, the ball hits an opponent, then he has the right to expect an apology. Such a blow, although not the cause of serious injury, is quite unpleasant.

Tennis Club «Marina» reminds players that it is unacceptable to throw the ball towards the opponent when he is not ready for it. If during an amateur game a tennis player misses the ball, he must immediately remove it from the field. You can put the equipment in your pocket to use the next time you serve. Sometimes a ball from a neighboring court flies into the court. In this case, you need to wait until your opponents play the point and then return the inventory. If your own ball flies out of the tennis court and hits an adjacent court, then it can only be picked up after the neighbors have played a point. It is worth apologizing if the ball becomes an obstacle in the game.

Rules related to rackets in the club «Marina»

Tennis requires professional equipment, so the rental of rackets for table tennis and big games must be agreed upon in advance. You can bring your own racket to the court or purchase one at the sports center. Club "Marina" (Kyiv) offers a wide range of sports equipment for beginners and experienced athletes. There are also several rules associated with the racket that must be followed during the game.

• It is advisable to provide a spare racket. If the string breaks, the head bursts, or the handle is deformed, you need to replace the equipment and continue playing. You can demonstrate your affection for your opponent by sharing a spare racket if necessary.

• After replacing the racket, you should not rely on test shots to test the equipment. This will delay the game, which was already interrupted.

• Any intentional delay of the game is unacceptable. You cannot hit the ball on the court in preparation for serving or slow down. This indicates that the player has poor self-control and cannot cope with the pace set by the opponent.

• An opponent's unwillingness to accept a serve is indicated by holding his racket up. In this case, filing is strictly prohibited.

Rules related to rackets in the club Marina

• You should not throw your racket onto the court, reacting too emotionally to a loss or your own mistake. Restraint – the main rule of any tennis player.

Tennis (Kyiv) perfectly teaches control over emotions and restraint. Classes at MARINA TENNIS CLUB are conducted by professional trainers who do an excellent job with their tasks.

Tennis dress code

One of the strictest dress codes for athletes is observed at the Wimbledon tournament. The rules of the competition stipulate requirements that relate to clothing and shoes. All elements must be white. Violation of this rule, even in small things, can lead to the disqualification of the athlete. Underwear, soles of sneakers, and accessories should be white.

Since 2014, the requirements for the clothing of players in the most prestigious tournament have become more stringent. Organizers believe that some sports brands are trying to promote their own brands by placing their colorful logos on famous tennis players' clothing during games. Advertising campaigns of this kind at the Wimbledon tournament are viewed extremely negatively. In 2015, one of the tournament participants, Nick Kyrgios (who was the first racket of the world among juniors, won six times in the Association of Professional Tennis Players tournaments) purchased a headband with the symbols of Wimbledon at the company store. The judge demanded that the accessory be removed or turned inside out so that all clothing would be white. It happens that the referee even demands that you change your underwear, which is visible through your clothes.

Amateur tournaments have less strict rules. A neat appearance involves avoiding overly colorful clothes, beach suits and shorts. White clothing is also preferred by professional tennis players. Renting a court often requires athletes to bring their own equipment. Racket covers can be of any color, with bright logos.

Troubles with clothes and shoes (a lace comes undone or a zipper comes undone) happen to everyone, but the solution to the problem is always put off until the end of the game. If the shorts become damp from excessive sweating, do not put the ball in your pocket. It becomes heavier as it absorbs moisture.

Self-control for a tennis player – a sign of good manners

Self-control for a tennis player a sign of good manners

One of the first rules of etiquette that a coach reminds you of is – restraint during the game. Violent displays of emotions are not accepted on the court. An athlete can invite a guest to a big game in Kyiv. Tennis and club "Marina" will provide a rich program, meaningful recreation and sporting achievements. But athletes must remember that tennis is often called the game of aristocrats. This means that you need to control your emotions and experience defeats like a king. There are several rules that are important to follow.


• During the serve, you must not distract your opponent with conversations, comments, or communication with the audience.

• After losing a serve, a real tennis player remains calm. Aerobatics etiquette – applaud your opponent, appreciating the blow.

• You shouldn’t rejoice at your opponent’s failures and mistakes. Fortune is changeable, and you need to behave with dignity in any situation.

• It is especially difficult to play in pairs if your partner is new. It is not customary to be offended by constant mistakes, since a novice athlete already lacks self-confidence.

• Official rule of MARINA TENNIS CLUB: no smoking on the courts.

• At the end of the game, it is customary to shake hands at the net. At this moment, you can note the good performance of your partner if victory is on his side.

• The obvious advantage of the opponent, as well as too low a level of preparation, cannot be the reason for the early end of the game. It is necessary to play to the end, trying to behave with dignity both with an inexperienced beginner and with a professional who has brilliant technique.