We invite you to KANGOO JUMPS in Kyiv intensive training

This is a rhythmic workout with driving music in special shock-absorbing shoes that allows you to burn *1000 kcal* in 1 hour. There are no age or weight restrictions for training, and no additional special training is required. They have a wonderful effect on the human body, contribute to strengthening health, improving physical form and psychological state.

Training helps:

  • fight depression
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • correct posture
  • strengthen the muscles of the press, thighs, legs and buttocks
  • contribute to the rapid burning of fat
  • help get rid of cellulite


Training Prices
Trial training 200 UAH
One-time training 400 UAH
4 of training/month 1500 UAH
8 of training/month 2800 UAH
10 of training/month 3500 UAH
12 of training/month 4000 UAH

We are waiting for everyone who wants to try it, but didn't dare.

Who is Kangoo Jumps suitable for?

  • 1. For those who hate running and are not friends with cardio.
  • 4. Who does not like boring training in the gym.
  • 3. Who wants to lose weight and keep in great shape.
  • 4. Who wants to feel cool and get a charge of unreal energy and positivity.
  • 5. Who is looking for a new driving workout, who wants to get in shape after giving birth.

Contraindications in which you cannot attend training:

  • pregnancy
  • cervical spondylosis
  • hypertension
  • diabetes

What to take to the first training session?

  • 1. Comfortable sports uniform
  • 2. Water
  • 3. High socks or gaiters
  • 4. A small towel