Specialist: Monakhov Alexey Sergeevich


prevention and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, elimination of pain syndrome and the causes of pain in the arms, legs, joints, spine, rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions, visceral therapy (massage of internal organs), solves problems of digestive disorders and intestinal dysfunction, insomnia, irritability, chronic fatigue, effective improvement of blood circulation and metabolism, strengthening of the immune system, as well as various types of massage: sports and wellness

Benefits of osteopathic treatment:

  • safe treatment without risk.
  • shown at any age
  • elimination of the causes of pain, not the consequence
  • restoration of internal organs and spine without surgery


Massages Price
Therapeutic massage 1300 UAH/hour

Individual approach to each client.

  • Eliminating the causes
  • Correcting shortcomings
  • We explain what you need to do to avoid getting sick.


The most comfortable VIP class massage tables for people of any height and weight.

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