We have a table tennis table in the clubhouse

A new, professional tennis table is located indoors with a view of all courts.

Table rental with rackets and balls – 200 hryvnias one and a half hours (90 minutes)

While your child is training - don't waste time - play table tennis!

Table tennis is a great opportunity to spend time with benefit and pleasure! Anyone who thinks that this game is not related to physical exertion, most likely simply does not know that during matches the player manages to run up to six kilometers without leaving the tennis table!

According to the results of research conducted in Canada, table tennis surpasses such activities as basketball and volleyball in terms of energy expenditure!

Why else should you come visit us and try this sport?

By playing table tennis regularly, you:

  • develop reaction speed
  • improves agility
  • become physically tough
  • learn flexibility
  • and a mega nice bonus – after two weeks of training, you yourself will be surprised at how easily and quickly you will start making any decisions.

Table tennis is simple!

No special equipment, clothing or special training is required of you. To start playing, simply invite a friend and book a time at Marina Tennis Club!


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