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Groups for 9-12 years old and 13-16 years old

Champion Lite Champion Club Champion
1 training, 1 hour per week 2 trainings, 1 hour per week 3 trainings, 1 hour per week

2200 UAH

2000 UAH

4 workouts / month

3800 UAH

3500 UAH

8 workouts / month

5200 UAH

4600 UAH

12 workouts / month

"Champion Lite" и "Champion" - for kids 9-12 and 13-16 years old. For the general sports development of those wishing to train and improve. The program includes training of all strocks, score play, learning the main tennis rules and preparation for participation in club competitions.

 "Club Champion"for kids 9-12 and 13-16 years old. Includes the same as 2 previous Champion programs, but supplemented with mental, tactful and special physical training.


 NEW! Tennis + General Physical Training

2 tennis workouts 1 hour per week + 1 general physical training workout per week

Total: 8 tennis workouts and 4 general physical training workouts per month


Only at Marina Tennis Club - train with the stars and become a star!
General physical training classes are conducted by Honored Masters of Sports in athletics all-around, participants of 3 Olympiads Alexey and Anna Kasyanov! Alexey ranked seventh at the Beijing and Rio Olympics. He was a multiple winner of the World and European Championships. Has a specialized higher education in the field of physical education, psychology and occupational therapy. Anna is the 2013 heptathlon world champion! She won the European team championships as part of the national team. For exceptional professional achievements, Anna was awarded the "Order of Princess Olga"! Our star coaches are ready to share their sports experience and professional knowledge with your children! Help harmoniously develop the body, make it stronger and more enduring!
A unique opportunity is available now!




Tennis unites us! Dream gives birth to Stars!