Among the many benefits of playing tennis, the ability to lose extra pounds is often cited. Playing at MARINA TENNIS CLUB really helps you lose weight, like many other physical activities. But tennis on a large court often leads to excellent results for those who combine the game and proper nutrition.

Why is tennis good for your figure?

Why is tennis good for your figure?

Tennis Club «Marina» offers training on excellent surfaces that prevent premature muscle fatigue. You can play longer without pain in your legs and feet. Long-term aerobic exercise has a positive effect on your health and helps you quickly lose a few kilograms.

On average, you can burn about 300-400 calories in an hour of playing tennis. The individual indicator depends on several factors:


• age, gender;
• initial weight (overweight tennis players tend to lose more calories);
• style of play (singles tennis is more conducive to weight loss than training in pairs).

Nutritionists emphasize that weight loss should not be detrimental to health. You can lose weight safely, but to do this you need to lose up to a kilogram per week. The minimum weight loss that will help you regain your slim figure is 500 g per week. This is one or two hour intensive workouts.

The benefits of tennis for those losing weight

You can lose extra pounds in a fitness club, training at home, or by including morning jogging and the gym on weekends in your daily routine. What is it about tennis that interests you? The fact is that tennis training – This is an interesting and effective way to reduce your own weight or maintain a normal figure. Club Marina (Kyiv) suggests combining play on the court with proper nutrition to achieve a 100% effect. During pair or single training:

&bul; all muscle groups are worked out, the body becomes toned, which eliminates sagging skin after losing pounds;
&bul; speed and reaction improve, the ability to instantly analyze the situation and confront the enemy is manifested;
&bul; pump up your buttocks and abs without annoying monotonous exercises in the gym;
&bul; the muscle mass of the arms and legs is formed or increased, the athlete becomes more resilient and physically stronger;
&bul; Fat deposits in the most problematic areas (abdomen, inner thigh, buttocks) gradually disappear.

The training offered by the «Marina club» (tennis with a sparring partner, singles and doubles competitions), always lift your spirits, give you energy and charge you with a positive attitude.

Famous tennis players and excess weight

Famous tennis players and excess weight

On the courts of MARINA TENNIS CLUB you can meet professional tennis players who will share their own sports experience. But rarely does anyone tell you how difficult it is even for tennis stars to lose extra pounds.

The father of one of the most famous tennis players, Andre Agassi, wrote in his book of memoirs that his son, after the famous victory at Wimbledon, significantly reduced the load, began to visit resorts more and dine in expensive restaurants. The tennis player's favorite dishes — chocolate shakes and hamburgers – led to excess weight gain. The reluctance to follow a diet and training regimen turned a fit athlete into a man with a tummy and a round face. After the wedding, he gained 11 kilograms and began to occupy 141st place in the ranking. Only turning to a professional nutritionist and following an individual diet allowed Agassi to regain his previous shape. Similar stories can be heard about other famous athletes who mistakenly believed that intense training allowed them to absorb any food in large quantities.

Serena Williams was outraged when she was banned from eating lunch in the locker room before the tournament. Competition organizers did not allow athletes to eat in the changing area to maintain hygiene. But the tennis player didn’t like it because she was used to eating large portions before and after intense workouts. It is these habits that lead to the fact that spectators see tennis players on the courts whose form is far from ideal.

Interesting leisure and benefits

When discussing the benefits of tennis, we must not forget that training at the Marina Tennis Club (Kyiv) – This is meaningful and interesting leisure time that expands your circle of acquaintances and allows you to develop your own horizons. The world of tennis is not all about physical activity. This is an excellent training in endurance, patience, the ability to analyze, compare the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. An Olympic sport with elements of an exciting game, a competitive spirit in which there is a place for respect and support - this is all the world of tennis. The training that the Marina club will help organize will bring only joy and positive emotions.