We offer group fitness training in a variety of areas and PE for beginners and professional tennis players. If you value professionalism and want to become faster, stronger, more durable, as well as recover from injuries or get in shape or prepare for competitions - we will help you achieve these goals.

Programs run by:


OLEKSIY KASYANOV - Honored Master of Sports (decathlete athletics), three-time winner of the World Championships, participant of the Olympic Games, professional athlete. Head trainer for fitness and general physical training (GPE) at Marina Tennis Club. Professional rehabilitator. Higher education: physical education, psychology, occupational therapy. English-speaking!


HANNA KASYANOVA - Honored Master of Sports, World Champion. For sports merits, she was awarded the Order of Princess Olga. Person of the Year 2013 and Sportswoman of the Year in Ukraine. Participant and finalist of the 3rd Olympiad, winner of the European Championship and 3-time winner of the European Team Championship, multiple champion of Ukraine. Since 2015, she has been working with professional athletes, participated in their preparation for the Olympic Games and the World Championships. English-speaking!


Individual Training 1000 UAH
Split workout (1 trainer and 2 clients) 1500 UAH
Group Training discussed


Training takes place in the sports hall or on a specially equipped green lawn (at the request of clients).


In our complex, there is a cardio room for independent training of clients and for the conduct of professional training for tennis players.

Everyone can buy a training package or just one visit.

  • The cost of one visit   – 150 UAH
  • A package of 10 training sessions - 1,000 UAH
By cardio training, we mean physical activity during which there is a large consumption of oxygen by the body and a significant burning of fat. For example, while your child is at tennis practice, you can spend time with benefit and do sports. The hall has a wonderful view of the tennis courts.

Why should you regularly visit the cardio room?

During this physical activity, a person trains his most important muscle – heart! Thus increasing his endurance, stabilizes the rhythm, prevents cardiovascular diseases.


It should be noted that cardio training is simply a must-have for those who dream of losing weight!

According to all of the above, this type of load works the respiratory system and increases the overall tone of the body! At Marina Tennis Club, you have a chance to improve your physical and emotional well-being!